Attention conference




Dear colleagues!

Тhe Department of Physical Culture of Urgench State Pedagogical Institute will hold a republic-wide scientific and practical conference on the topic “Actual problems and solutions of student sports and physical education in the process of globalization” on March 13-14, 2024.

In this regard, we invite professors and teachers, researchers and independent researchers, PhD students, master’s students, students and experts in the educational institution which you lead, to participate in the conference with their lectures.

The purpose of the scientific-practical conference: to improve the pedagogical foundations of the reforms implemented in the field of physical education and sports, to increase the effectiveness of the work carried out in the direction of educating a well-educated, physically healthy, intellectually mature generation, to further develop physical culture among young people, It is dedicated to the implementation of promotion and propaganda work in the field, increasing the activity of young people in physical education and sports, and discussing the actual issues of achieving high results in sports, conclusion and suggestions on implementation are prepared.

The main sections of the conference:

Section 1: Modern innovative technologies for improving the quality of physical culture education and teaching in the higher education system

Section 2: Pedagogical foundations of scientific organization of physical education classes and sports training in general secondary schools

Section 3: Improving the quality of children’s physical education in preschool educational institutions

Requirements for conference participation:

All lecture abstracts (articles) are checked by the editors in an anonymously, and the lecture abstracts (articles) that have passed from the check are published. The authors themselves are responsible for the information provided in the lecture abstracts.

Articles and theses are checked by the “Anti-plagiarism” program, the authenticity of the text should not be less than 65%.

- Texts are prepared in A4 format, using the Microsoft Word office, in Times New Roman font, 14 size, with 1.5 spacing (2 cm from the top and bottom, 3 cm from the left and 1.5 cm from the right);

- in the first line, the name of the article or thesis is written in capital letters in the middle of the page, in the second line, the author’s name, academic degree, title, place of work, position, phone number and e-mail address;

- articles and theses are submitted to the organizing committee electronically in 1 (one) copy;

- the volume of articles and theses should not be less than 3 pages and not more than 6 pages;

- short annotations, keywords (key phrases) in Russian, English and Uzbek languages ​​are shown in articles and theses;

- a list of used literature is provided at the end of the thesis or article, all references (footnotes) are shown in vertical brackets [1];

Active participants will be awarded certificates of nominations such as “Best Article” and “Best Lecture” at the plenary session of the conference. Note: Materials will be accepted until March 5, 2024.

Conference coordinator: Urgench State Pedagogical Institute, Department of Physical Culture, Address: Gurlan Street 1A, Urgench City.

            For information and sending articles, theses: +998 (93) 750-36-59