An open lesson was conducted with the students

At Urgench state pedagogical institute a teacher the department of Foreign philology of the faculty of Philology and history Khudayberganova Madinabonu organised a demo lesson with the students of 224 A group of the academic settings of Foreign language and literature (English) on the topic “Wedding ceremonies and cultural differences of different nations”.

During the demo lesson all the participants were active and it was held as a competition among three mini groups. The students tried to show the culture, traditions, and cuisine of Korean, Indian, and Uzbek people. Moreover, the teacher also applied modern teaching methods and techniques such as “Communicative language learning/ teaching”, “Role playing”, “Task based approach” into the class, they were effective approaches and strategies to teach students with real life experiences. 

In the end of the lesson the head of the department Khujayeva Sayyora and  other teachers of the department  shared their positive thoughts and observations on the demo lesson.