The Women's Advisory Council of the Institute on March 1, on the occasion of the 108th anniversary of the birth of Zulfiyakhanim, "Hello, my dear friends!" announces the examination held on the subject.

🔶The purpose of the competition: Zulfiyakhanim, a famous and honorable representative of the Uzbek people, a famous poet and public figure, a herald of the fight for international peace, a woman who bravely fought for the equal rights of Eastern women in society, a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness, Zulfiyakhanim, is a student with the life path and creativity of her world-wide recognition. - to introduce young people, to widely promote the work of the poetess, to show the spiritual image of every Uzbek woman in the image of such a selfless and strong-willed woman.

The competition is organized on the basis of the following conditions:
✔️ Question and answer about the life and work of Zulfiyakhanim - each participant answers 3 questions, to think: 1 minute is given;
✔️ A scene from Zulfiyakhanim's life. In this, the girls use poems of Zulfiya or poems named after Zulfiya (for 5 minutes, evaluated on a 5-point system);
✔️ "I am the future daughter of Zulfiyakhanim". The girls should show how much they deserve the state award named after Zulfia. Documents can be submitted in electronic or paper version (for 5 minutes, evaluated on a 5-point system);
✔️ In the 4th condition, the girls' cooking skills are determined. In this case, girls should give birth to dumplings in a short time. (for 5 minutes, evaluated on a 5-point system).
The audition will be held on February 28.

📝 To register, go to
(+998905589800) you can apply.

The winners of the competition will be awarded diplomas and souvenirs by the institute.

UrSPI  Press service