Today, the Rector of Urganch State Pedagogical Institute, Jumanazar Yarmetov, met with students from the "yellow" group at the institute to discuss the role of youth in the new Uzbekistan and the opportunities available to them for contributing to the development of their country.

In an open dialogue with the students, the importance of education, training and moral values in human life, especially in the lives of young people, was emphasized. The discussion also covered various aspects of independent learning, including the number of hours dedicated to self-study and the importance of international experience. The students also shared their thoughts on examination processes and credit-modular systems.

Such meetings, held in a sincere and open dialogue between youth and leaders, play an important role in increasing the effectiveness of education, promoting tolerance and raising the spiritual values of young people.

 Samimiy ruhda va ochiq muloqot tarzida tashkil etiladigan, bevosita yoshlar va rahbar o‘rtasida o‘tkaziladigan bu kabi uchrashuvlar o‘qish samaradorligini oshirishda, shaffoflikni ta’minlashda, yoshlar ma’naviyatini yuksaltirishda o‘ziga xos ahamiyatga ega, albatta!;REKTOR VA YOSHLAR;REKTOR VA YOSHLAR;REKTOR VA YOSHLAR

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